4th Annual Environmental Leadership Summit 

September 2020

Our Fourth Annual Environmental Leadership Summit was held September 19, 2020.  Previous Summits have been in-person, but this year the Summit was virtual.

Thank you everyone for attending the 4th Environmental Leadership Summit. We appreciate your attendance and support. Our focus was on Environmental Activism & The Intersection of Racial, Social, & Economic Justice. We should feel inspired and hopeful because we are learning what do to and how to help. All of us acting together can and will make a big difference.



Music transitions feature Cut, Copy’s climate-inspired album Freeze, Melt and Beck’s album Hyperspace

Our thanks to all the presenters and sponsors listed below. Please support them.

  • Reem Zubaidi, UCSD Refugee Health
  • Maria Muhammed, San Diego Urban Sustainability, Coalition/I am Green
  • Karina Ornelas, San Diego Audubon Society
  • Rachal Hamilton, Justice & Equity intern, SanDiego350
  • Ami Admire, Indian Health Council
  • Paloma Aguirre, Mayor Pro Team of Imperial Beach
  • Corinna Contreras, Vista Councilmember
  • Rosa Olascoaga, Mid-City CAN
  • Rick Bates, Unite Here Local 30
  • Jim Miller, American Federation of Teachers,
  • National Climate Task force
  • Nikayla Jefferson, Sunrise Movement San Diego
  • Bernadette Butkiewicz & Sean Ellis, The United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters
  • Union 23

Thank You to the generous sponsors of the 2020 Environmental Leadership Summit

  • The San Diego Foundation
  • Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
  • DME Website Consulting
  • Environmental Center of San Diego

Supporting local environmental and social justice organizations, ballot and transportation measures as well as candidates, will also move us in the direction we need to go.

Creating the future is not a bystander’s sport. It requires all of us doing as much as we can.

  • Engage your elected officials, especially those at SANDAG
  • Join community groups who share your values and work actively with them.
  • Show Up. Attend meetings, share your views, support others who share your values.
  • Educate yourself– Yes, some of these things are complicated, but it isn’t brain surgery.  Anyone can learn, because everyone cares and has a stake in the outcome.
  • Volunteer. For a campaign of your choice this month!
  • Donate to a campaign and an organization of your values each month.
  • VOTE November 3rd
  • Get ready to hit the ground running on November 4th.

Creating the future is not a bystander’s sport. It requires all of us doing as much as we can.

“Comments from the chat box”

From  William (Bill) Smith (he/him/his) : We need to do more than allow and invite diversity, we need to participate with diverse communities on their issues on their territory to seek diversity out. (A frustrated older white male energized by the recognition by Club leaders of Sierra Club racist past).

From  LaWana Richmond : How about prioritizing projects that provide/enable/support relief for communities most impacted by environmental neglect.

From  David Evans – DME Website Consulting : “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable. ” the best way for us to change our culture and grow together

From  Laura Hunter(her/hers) Wildlife Habitat Coalition : IN terms of a model is there a role of co-mentors, meaning a one-to-one relationship where the people know each other more deeply? learn each others skills and knowledge, and share insights into the issues, the systems where decisions are made.  Is there a way that this model could grow a meaningful dialog and lift both parties up?  IN my spiritual tradition, this is called having a ‘second-body’, we look out and learn from each other.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. For sponsorship information, contact Pam Heatherington at contactecosd@gmail.com