Environmental Leadership Summit 

Leaders gather to addresses Transportation, Climate, Biodiversity, and Housing needs at Environmental Summit.

Environmental Leadership Summit 2019

Environmental Leadership Summit 2019

Take Action Opportunities from Preserving Biodiversity: From Science to Action Saturday, September 28, 2019     Thank you everyone for attending the 3rd Environmental Leadership Summit. We appreciate your attendance and support. From loss of habitat to...

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The Japanese have been producing wood for 700 years without cutting down trees. In the 14th century, the extraordinary daisugi technique was born in Japan. Indeed, the daisugi provide that these trees will be planted for future generations and not be cut down but pruned as if they were giant bonsai trees; by applying this technique to cedars, the wood that can be obtained is uniform, straight and without knots, practically perfect for construction. A pruning as a rule of art that allows the tree to grow and germinate while using its wood, without ever cutting it down.Extraordinary technique.(Quote from Mary Conceicao Coelho) ... See MoreSee Less
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