The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Coalition

Dedicated to sustained conservation of native animal and plant species in the Southwest Bioregion.

The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Coalition (WHCC) is comprised of 17 local conservation organizations.  We engage and advocate on significant governmental decisions, development projects, and policy in order to defend and uphold environmental protection rules, protect habitat, and hold government accountable.

WHCC Support Letters:

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Coalition SUPPORT for the conservation purchase of the Sky Oaks Property

SUPPORT for the CA Department of Transportation “Rainbow Canyon Wildlife Crossing Project” grant application to the Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration Wildlife Crossing Grant Program (NOFO IIJA).

FY 2024 LWCF Core Request, Temecula Creek

Comments on Pathways to 30×30 California, December 2021

We work in coalition to:

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“Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of our Planet”

California Assembly Bill 2344

California Assembly Bill 2344

An act to add Article 3.8 (commencing with Section 158) to Chapter 1 of Division 1 of, and to repeal Section 158.5 of, the Streets and Highways Code, relating to fish and wildlife.

Our Other Projects

The opportunity to directly experience our beautiful natural resources is an important part of being a San Diegan and a present or future steward of those resources. That is why the Environmental Center of San Diego is committed to supporting appropriate public environmental programs.

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