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A Win For Coastal Access

A Win For Coastal Access

On September 9, 2021, the CCC unanimously supported staff’s Recommendations and Findings for Consent Cease and Desist Order No. CCC-21-CD-01 and Consent Administrative Penalty No. CCC-21-AP-01. These agenda items demonstrate that coastal access has been obstructed for decades in the northeastern corner of Mission Bay at Campland on the Bay and the Mission Bay RV Resort and that the public has been prevented from using the coastline in these areas.

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PLEASE comment if you can!🚨 ACTION ALERT 🚨Please join us in calling into this Thursday's City of San Diego Environment Committee meeting at 9 a.m. PST!The committee will be voting on a resolution that stands up for a strong net energy metering (NEM), the future solar agreement in California. The California Public Utilities Commission is expected to make a proposed decision in December, determining the future solar agreement for all San Diego and California residents, businesses, schools, cities, nonprofits, etc. - an unattractive rooftop solar agreement will not only hurt jobs and increase (already expensive) rates, but it will increase reliance on harmful fossil fuels, worsening climate injustices while accelerating the climate crisis, and increase the risk of wildfires. Public comments in support of this resolution will help move it forward to the full city council to vote on! See our toolkit for instructions on calling into the meeting and making a verbal or written comment, with talking points, at 🌎 ... See MoreSee Less
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