A sobering report on the problem of locating housing in extreme fire risk areas, such as is proposed with Harvest Hills in Escondido. Read especially part 2-4.

JULY 31, 2019

Decades of greed, neglect, corruption, and bad politics led to last year’s Paradise fire, the worst in California history. It should never have happened. It will happen again.

By Mark Arax – Photographs by Kristine Potter and Matthew Genitempo

By the time I made it to Paradise, the deadliest wildfire in California history was four months past, and the burned-out ridge between the two river canyons was pouring rain. I was riding the Skyway, the road from Chico to Paradise, flatland to hilltop, trying to understand what forces had conspired last November to create a blaze of such anger that it took the lives of 85 people and destroyed 19,000 structures.