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How to Protect Local Habitat 

Habitat fragmentation, natural disasters, and human development continue to degrade local habitat in San Diego. While these problems can feel overwhelming, there are many actions we can take to positively impact our remaining habitat. Here are just a few ways we can...

San Diego-based Environmental Groups to Support: Environmental Groups in San Diego to Support Today

The Environmental Center of San Diego is working to protect the environment alongside dozens of other wonderful San Diego-based environmental groups. These organizations are working on a variety of important environmental issues, from protecting native birds to...

San Diego Green New Deal Alliance

The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance is a coalition of community, business, environmental, faith, labor, and social justice organizations committed to a San Diego region that achieves zero carbon by 2035

ReWild Coalition

ECO SD is a member of the ReWild Coalition, joining voices with over 50 other organizations to advocate for seizing the once-in-lifetime opportunity to restore wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay.