ReWild Mission Bay

ECO SD is a member of the ReWild Coalition, joining voices with over 50 other organizations to advocate for seizing the once-in-lifetime opportunity to restore wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay. The ReWild Coalition is organized to support the Wildest wetland restoration option from San Diego Audubon’s ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study. The coalition partners seek to enhance and restore natural wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay for cleaner water, climate resiliency, carbon sequestration, and greater access to public space, especially for Indigenous Communities whose connection to the ReWild area of Mission Bay and Rose Creek has been severed.

Our intent is to provide new opportunities for native plants and wildlife to thrive, and for all San Diegans to more fully enjoy nature and the natural habitats of our collective backyard. Mission Bay Park is an extraordinary public resource for everyone, including neighbors, regional residents, international visitors, and environmentally underserved communities throughout our region.

The Wildest Wetland Restoration will bring the City of San Diego:

  • Cleaner water in Mission Bay, as wetlands will improve water quality from channelized Rose Creek and nearby storm drains, improving recreation in the whole Bay.
  • Greater public access to our shared shoreline within Mission Bay Park.
  • Greater climate resiliency against rising sea levels.
  • Opportunities for Indigenous Kumeyaay communities to serve as regional stakeholders and reconnect with historic sites along Mission Bay.
  • The potential for low-cost camping options managed by the city or a contracted vendor.
  • Restored wetlands will also sequester carbon; saltwater marsh wetlands hide away carbon even more effectively than old-growth rainforests.

Join us in supporting this positive, climate crisis-responsive, and equitable plan for our public park. Please find out more at our website,