San Diego Green New Deal Alliance

The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance is a coalition of community, business, environmental, faith, labor, and social justice organizations committed to a San Diego region that achieves zero carbon by 2035 through a fair and just transition for workers and communities of concern, the creation of good family-sustaining jobs, and the development of affordable, equitable, and inclusive communities powered by 100% clean electricity.

The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance believes our communities cannot afford to wait for federal action, and that our region can and must lead to efforts that achieve a livable future which creates good jobs and more just communities.

San Diego Green New Deal Goals:

  • Advance environmental and social justice.

  • Advance transformative engagement of our communities: Ensure meaningful participation and leadership from communities of concern in the transition to zero carbon.

  • Ensure a just transition for workers: Advance the creation of good, family-sustaining union jobs.

  • Achieve 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035: Re-envision energy usage and infrastructure in the San Diego region i.e. Community Choice Energy, community and rooftop solar, and microgrids.

  • Promote sustainable communities, housing, and transit: Create affordable and inclusive bikeable, walkable, transit-friendly communities that are connected to schools, jobs, shopping, and parks.

  • Plant and maintain a robust urban forest.

  • Transform our relationship with natural resources and the environment: Protect and restore wildlife habitats and ecosystems. Learn and amplify the knowledge of indigenous communities in regenerative practices.

  • Adapt to a changing climate.

We’ve been growing our people powered movement, and we welcome the many community members that have joined our working groups! We need all hands on deck to fight for climate, jobs, and justice!