News Update – June 2021


The Food and Nutrition+ Club of Mira Mesa High School and FCCLA have shown their support for education and conservation in our community. Through their “Adopt A Succulent” program, they raised $396 through their program and donated those funds to help ECO SD pursue its mission.


A big thank you to the Nutrition+ Club of Mira Mesa High School!


“We just wanted to let you know that our club has been working on a project aided by AdCap Youth who has kindly given us a grant to pursue our project entitled “Adopt A Succulent” designed by our team in hopes of sparking our community’s interest in plants and caring for them.


We have received a total of $396 from others who donated and in return gave succulent boxes arranged by our members this first few months of starting our project and we plan on continuing our project in the hands of our club’s next generation.


We have decided to donate these current funds to you, ECO San Diego, in order to further help our planet. We have read about you and have seen all the wonderful organizations you collaborate with. We are very happy to be contributing to your mission!”


Sharlene Lorenzo, former club President


Learn more about MMHS Fan Club+ on their Instagram Page