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4th Annual Environmental Leadership Summit 2020

Our Fourth Annual Environmental Leadership Summit is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020. Previous Summits have been in-person, but this year the Summit will be virtual. Our 2020 focus is on the intersection of social justice and environmental activism.

Environmental Leadership Summit 2019

Take Action Opportunities from Preserving Biodiversity: From Science to Action Saturday, September 28, 2019     Thank you everyone for attending the 3rd Environmental Leadership Summit. We appreciate your attendance and support. From loss of habitat to...

Environmental Leadership Summit 2018

Second Environmental Summit, September 29th. A summary of the issues. San Diego at the Tipping Point. Leaders gather to addresses Transportation, Climate, Biodiversity, and Housing needs at Environmental Summit.

Environmental Summit Power Point Presentations

Program for the Summit Overview Presentation for the Summit Housing Panel- Marco Gonzalez NIMBY vs YIMBY Water Panel-Marco Gonzalez-CERF Presentation  Wildlife Panel Diane Nygaard_Regional Funding Source Climate Panel Jan ChattenBrown County CAP Climate Bullock LDV...