It’s all connected. Black Lives Matter

It’s taken me a long time to sit down and put thought to paper, but here goes.

I often wondered what it takes to make things right when there is a wrong. It makes me think of the people in Flint, MI and the central valley of CA. Both communities have major drinking water problems that go unresolved after many, many years. These are all environmental problems caused by one entity to a community. It just so happens that these communities are generally and for the most part minority communities.

The fight for human rights is inextricably connected to the fight for the environment. The environment is the foundation for all living things. When a city has to fight for clean water, it is a fight we all must take part in. If we fail to protect one community, we fail to protect all communities.

The peaceful protests that have been happening around the world are a testament to the yearning for a fair and equitable planet. A home that knows no color barriers or inequality, one that protects people and the environment so necessary for our survival, because that’s what democracy is supposed to do.

We must do better. Our Mission, to protect and enhance the natural environment throughout San Diego with access for all where feasible, needs to be strengthened. We’ll work on this in concert with others whose voices might not always be heard, not because of apathy, but rather because of the forces that keep them down.

I’ll end with the wisdom of our friends at Los Padres Forest Watch:
“Protecting wild places, plants, and animals is inseparable from the fight for human rights. We cannot conserve the natural world while people do not have safe and equitable access to these lands, let alone jobs, positions of leadership, government, education, and other basic and essential services because of the color of their skin.”

Pam Heatherington – Board of Director