The Environmental Center of San Diego is working to protect the environment alongside hundreds of other wonderful California-based environmental groups. 

We’ve compiled a list of other environmental groups in California that you may be interested in following, along with their locations. These organizations are working on a variety of important environmental issues, from protecting native plants to fighting for drinkable water for Californians. 

California Environmental Justice Alliance: Oakland and Huntington Park

California Environmental Justice Alliance Action (CEJA Action) builds the political power of communities of color to advance environmentally and socially just policies in California. We accomplish this by engaging voters in communities of color, organizing and training grassroots leaders to engage in civic and electoral politics, and advocacy to advance critical policies that will improve the health and quality of life in communities of color. We believe California’s communities of color are a powerful force for equitable environmental policies and a more participatory, inclusive democracy.

California Native Plant Society: Sacramento

California Native Plant Society is a nonprofit dedicated to conserving California native plants and their natural habitats. The organization works closely with decision makers, scientists, and local planners to advocate for well-informed and environmentally friendly policies, regulations, and land management practices. 

California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund: Los Angeles and Oakland

The California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund was established by a group of Californians concerned about the connection between a lack of engaged civic participation and negative consequences for the environment. Through programs focused on voter engagement and mobilization, issue advocacy, legislative accountability, and research and opinion polling, the organization has provided the public, policymakers, and environmental advocates with the resources they need to make California’s air, water and natural resources cleaner and greener through the democratic process.

Environmental Health Coalition: San Diego

Environmental Health Coalition is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice. The coalition empowers communities and advocates to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution.

The Endangered Habitats League is dedicated to the protection of the diverse ecosystems of Southern California and to sensitive and sustainable land use for the benefit of all the region’s inhabitants.

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association: Imperial Beach

The Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association is dedicated to the education in and acquisition, preservation and restoration of wetlands. The organization works in collaborative partnerships with federal, state, and local agencies and is a cooperating association with California State Parks and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Escondido Creek Conservancy: Escondido

The Escondido Creek Conservancy exists to enhance the lives of people and wildlife in our Watershed. Together with local businesses and government agencies, the organization leads, educates, and advocates for our natural surroundings. 

Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation: Encinitas

The Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation was founded by surfers for the protection and enhancement of California’s coastal resources. The organization aids the enforcement of environmental laws, raises public awareness about coastal environmental issues, encourages environmental and political activism, and acts to defend natural resources in coastal areas. 

Audubon California: Multiple locations

Audubon California has a network of 49 local chapters throughout the state of California where Audubon members and their families can enjoy and protect local birds and nature. Chapters provide recreational activities, educational programs, local and international trips, volunteer opportunities, and more.

California Coastkeeper Alliance: Sacramento

California Coastkeeper Alliance unites waterkeeper programs statewide to fight for swimmable, fishable, and drinkable waters for all Californians. The organization uses law, policy, science and creative media to advance statewide policies and programs for healthy and clean waters. 

Wildcoast: Imperial Beach 

Wildcoast is a community-based organization committed to conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and addressing climate change through natural solutions.

Californians Against Waste Foundation: Sacramento

Californians Against Waste Foundation works to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and protect California’s environment through the development, promotion, and implementation of waste reduction and recycling policies and programs.

Surfrider Foundation: San Clemente 

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. Among other things, the organization fights to reduce plastic pollution, protects the health of the planet’s water, and takes on issues that threaten beaches and natural shorelines.

Rose Foundation for the Communities and the Environment: Oakland

The Rose Foundation supports grassroots initiatives that help build a world in which individuals, organizations, and communities are empowered to promote stewardship of nature, inspire people to take action, and hold government and corporations accountable.