Opinion: A local reminder of wisdom of state push to protect lands and coast

By U-T Readers via sandiegouniontribune.com

April 4, 2024 10:15 AM PT

Re “Wildflowers bursting in parts of Anza-Borrego” (March 8): We are lucky to live in such a special area of our state and to experience the beauty of wildflower blooms. In addition to enjoying the spring’s colorful display, I encourage local residents to support policies like “30×30” that will ensure the protection of our region’s biodiversity and native plants. 30×30 is a goal set by the state of California to protect 30 percent of our state’s lands and coastal waters by 2030.

San Diego County has a special part to play in this goal because we are home to more than 200 threatened plants and animals and contain more imperiled species than any other county in the country. Wildflower blooms are a wonderful yet fleeting experience in the spring. With 30×30, we can make sure that the habitat for these native species is protected for generations to come.

— Pam Heatherington, Rancho Bernardo