Project Update: Princess Street Coastal Access Trail, Phase 2

January 2024

Project Updates – Princess Street Coastal Access Trail, Phase 2

ECOSD has achieved significant milestones in Phase 2 of the Princess Street Coastal Access Trail

Overview Project Management: Project lead Pam Heatherington collaborated closely with Conservancy Project Manager Emely Lopez. Ms. Mazaroli from Strategy Research Science LLC contributed 9.5 hours towards grant and project management, focusing on financial reporting and coordination of progress reports.

Site Studies: Subcontractor DUDEK advanced site studies, with key findings outlined in the Coastal Hazards Memorandum. Studies included Archaeological & Paleontological Studies, Sea Level Rise Analysis, Tsunami Analysis, and Wave Run-up Study.

Final Design Development and Permitting: Subcontractor Rana Creek made progress in planning and coordination, drafting a base map for the site.

Current Project Status and Recent Achievements

    • The grading permit from the City of San Diego was awarded, allowing progress on Phase 2. The geotechnical site study is scheduled, paving the way for the final site design.
    • There has been continued communication with the Conservancy Project Manager. Project lead Pam Heatherington has presented an update at a Coastal Commission meeting, which has generated positive feedback.

Continued Momentum and Achievements

The project is currently in a positive status, having successfully completed the geotechnical study with no reported issues.Overall, the project is advancing smoothly, with accomplished tasks contributing to its overall success.

    • Subcontractor Strategy Research Science LLC played a crucial role by contributing 1.5 hours towards grant and project management.
    • The geotechnical study was conducted, providing a comprehensive overview of the detailed processes and associated costs.

The Princess Street Coastal Access Trail, Phase 2 project is progressing smoothly, marked by the successful completion of the geotechnical study and significant advancements in various tasks, including project management, site studies, and final design development. The absence of reported issues underscores the dedicated efforts and effective collaboration within the project team. As we continue to achieve milestones, we invite you to stay tuned for further updates on our journey towards enhancing coastal access and environmental sustainability in San Diego.

Geologist Jay Heiser from GEI, Inc

Princess St team with ground crew and the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians oversight crew.

Geotechnical and site study.