North County Multiple Species Conservation Plan

The County is developing a Multiple Species Conservation Plan for the northwestern area of the unincorporated county. Known as the North County Plan, the Plan will help preserve the area’s rich biodiversity.

All this while expanding recreation and streamlining development in less sensitive areas.

The Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) is a preservation framework. It outlines how we can protect and connect the most valuable biological habitats in San Diego County.

There are three regional plans: South(External link), North (External link)and East(External link).

Each plan focuses on the unique threatened plant and animal species for its region.

The three plans are at different stages in development. The development of the North County Plan began in 2000 as a long-term, regional habitat conservation program. The program focuses on balancing habitat protection, recreation, development, and agricultural activities. Learn more about the MSCP and the history of the North County Plan by reviewing the information on different sections of this page.

Your Participation

Community and stakeholder input has been instrumental in the development of the North County Plan, and we want that to continue. Your feedback will inform the ways we research, monitor, and manage the land that is part of the North County Plan area. It will also help us identify new area to include in the Plan.

Please check back often for new information and opportunities to contribute.

How you can participate on this site:

  • Learn what we’re doing to preserve our region’s rich biodiversity
  • Review updates on sensitive and protected species
  • Provide feedback on work in progress
  • Make connections with the County teams dedicated to this work
  • Thank you for being here, we look forward to hearing from you!