We all lead extremely busy and eventful lives — however, we guarantee that it’s well worth the time commitment to become involved in your community. Here are just a few reasons why.

You’ll make a big difference for local wildlife

Simple projects like picking up trash on a beach near your home or helping to implement a neighborhood recycling program can have a massive impact on wildlife. Marine mammals and birds in particular are naturally curious and will often become entangled in debris on beaches. Some types of trash are also mistaken for food and are ingested by animals, creating blockages which can lead to starvation. Imagine the suffering you could prevent by removing just one piece of discarded fishing line from the beach. 

Your voice will be heard

Your opinion is important. Working with your community is an excellent opportunity to chat with local representatives and decision makers to share your point of view.

You’ll help your community and meet new people

In a world that’s becoming increasingly more digital, in-person connections are more important than ever. Getting out and volunteering with like-minded people can lead to new and exciting experiences, lifelong friendships, and even networking opportunities.

You could move forward in your career

Many careers, particularly those involving the environment, require on the job training or experience. Volunteer experience can give you just that, and it also looks fantastic on a resume. Those who volunteer are seen by employers as empathetic, motivated self-starters that genuinely want to make a difference.

It feels good to give back

If the chaos in the world is bringing you down, the best thing you can do to lift your spirits is to take positive action. What’s better than leaving the world a better place than you found it?

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